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For Clients

Our Process

Each search is handled as though it were a retained search and is highly customized to meet the unique requirements of your organization, whether an early stage, venture-backed organization, a high growth mid-sized company, or an established public enterprise. We learn as much as we can about your company's history, leadership, technology, markets and culture. And we are proactive about staying current with the changes in your business.

We are equally committed to knowing our candidates, and not just their resumes. Our interview process provides a window into their temprement, ambitions, communication skills, and other intangibles that are so important in a viable candidate. Because we measure our success by yours, our goal is to fulfill your hiring needs with candidates that will thrive in your environment.

Our strategy demands a lot of time and energy for each engagement, but our refusal to compromise is a key reason why we are able to consistently match the right people with the right opportunities. Contact us to learn more about our success rate.

Experience that Counts

Our mission is to cultivate productive relationships with our portfolio of clients and candidates. Our experience, training, and commitment to the highest standards of recruiting has taught us a great deal about the software and high-tech industries and what it takes to succeed.

We know how to read the signals of change and when to anticipate the shifts. This benefits our clients and our candidates because we can move quickly and intelligently when the opportunity and timing are right.

Thorough in our Research

Because we are proactive in our research, we are able to stay on top of movements in the industry. We also maintain a wide network of professional contacts to gather intelligence on industry trends, job changes, and other news to help us stay ahead of the curve and keep our database fresh. When an opportunity arises, we can quickly identify qualified candidates, including those who may not be active in the market.

Candidates also receive meticulously researched backgrounds on client companies. We believe it is equally important that they are as informed about ther selling environment and the corporate culture, as they are about the responsibilities of the position.

Focused on Success

Our strategy is simple but effective: we don't take shortcuts and we value integrity and professionalism. Our success speaks for itself. JBlack Associates has earned one of the industry’s highest success rates for retention, measured by the number of candidates employed by client firms two years after placement.

Contact us to learn more.

Why JBlack Associates

  • Software & High-Tech Industry Experience & Focus
  • Wide Network of Professional Contacts
  • Extensive Candidate Database
  • Thorough Research
  • Customized Searches
  • Focused on Your Success